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Here I am, standing on the balcony of my deluxe room, hotels in sonmarg one of three, at the Villa Himalaya, in Kullan Sonamarg,15km short of the main town of Hotels in Sonamarg, in Kashmir. It took us less than 2 hours to get here from the summer capital, Srinagar. A beauteous sight greets me. A gushing, crystal clear, mildly grey-blue river, frothing white as it encounters boulders strewn along its way. Crashing against some, flowing over some, or simply circumventing around some. Flowing with a roaring sound. Loud enough to drown out all other sounds. However, the musical notes of the whistling bird, manage to penetrate through the continuous, almost deafening sound. The resort, Villa Himalaya, standing on one shore of the Sind River. Farmhouses with their sloping, corrugated tin roofs, glinting under the mild sunshine, set amidst irrigated land sloping up to the main road, on the opposite. Lift your head to see the green painted mountains, dotte…